"Melissa Nussbaum's work, whether characterizing blonde American Marilyn Monroe, or brown Mexican Doña Paula is unique; detailed and varied but always stylized in the best sense of that word. Nussbaum combines physical acting's flowing dance of Michael Chekhov's grand gesture with the intimacy of Stanislavski’s truthfulness in the lived moment. Combining an exterior and an interior reality flawlessly Nussbaum's artistry provides a truly theatrical ritual of expression. Her writing and acting merge to vivify memorable human beings within their original stories. You haven't heard these monologues before, guaranteed. And she tells the stories with a magical minimalism of props and sets which would do the famed Theater of the Poor (Grotowski) proud."

Lee Roscoe, playwright, former AEA actress, and arts previewer and reviewer for Cape Cod Times and the Barnstable Patriot

Oct. 2013

Photo Credit: Ride Hamilton